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Multi Calculator: Tax, Discount, Tips

4.2 ( 192 ratings )
Nástroje Finance
Vývojář: Everyday Tools, LLC

Have you ever felt sick and tired counting change and tips in a store or a restaurant? Of course you have! Special for consumers and customers who dont want to spend extra time reckoning tips and discount percentage we create Multi Calculator: Tax, Discount, Tips. It will make all the boring calculations for you!

Just input the numbers and wait a second to get a result. Interface is really intuitive and user-friendly, so be sure you will calculate all the numbers and digits properly.

Product features:
-Intuitive control
-User-friendly interface
- Fast calculations for all the customers and consumers
- perfect time-saver for your pleasure

No more boring tips and discount percentage reckoning, just download our Multi Calculator: Tax, Discount, Tips and save your time. Let the app do all the boring work for you, enjoy the sales and restaurants and manage your time via our Multi Calculator: Tax, Discount, Tips!